Thursday, May 21, 2015

Disneyland with Friends!

We had so much fun on our most recent trip to Disneyland. Rapunzel and I were able to sneak away on an "educational" 5 day trip to SoCal and we had our first experience with the Disney YES program. We had a group of homeschool friends that went down with us and we got to participate in the "designing a Disney Story" class. Rapunzel loved it of course because she wants to be an animator just like Walt when she grows up!

In the class they learned about storyboarding and how images are sequenced to tell a story. 

The class is 3 hours long and the cast members are great at keeping the kids involved and happy. They got to take a snack break too! ;) 

Our class of friends before the start! 

They learned techniques on how to draw popular characters. 

The class was a success and we are so excited to be attending more with Rapunzel and Merida this fall. You have to be aged 5 and up for the classes so she is ready this fall to see what it is all about!! I highly recommend these "filed trips". If you can cant get a group together they also offer individual enrollment classes throughout the year on their website.

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