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The definition of animating is: 1. To give life to; fill with life. 2. To impart interest or zest to; enliven.

When I was trying to think of a name for our new "All about Disney" family homeschooling blog many ideas ran through my mind. But the thought of "Animating the Princesses" just kept coming back and then more I thought about it, how perfect it is for our family. You see, our family started a few years back when my husband, an animator (AKA Walt), met me, a Disney travel specialist. Although we shared many things in common our love for Disney was one of the things that really drew us to each other. Years have passed and now we have 3 little princesses of our own who shall be known as Rapunzel (7), Merida (5), and Tinkerbell(3).

This is Rapunzel. Not only is this her favorite Disney Princess but they share many similar qualities.  Rapunzel is feisty, kind, sweet, energetic, confident, courageous, curious, innocent, funny, and creative. She is a teacher's pet and loves doing anything musical or artistic.

This is Merida. Sure sure, you may see her silky blonde hair and wonder where that connection came from, but when she was a baby her hair was bright red and stuck straight out till she was almost 18 months. No kidding, she looked like a ginger chia pet! They also have similar personalities. Merida is at times unruly, defiant and stubborn. She is also kind, free-spirited, adventurous, rebellious, tough, headstrong, willful, and short-tempered. Our Merida has ADHD and sensory processing disorder but you would never know unless you really know what to look for. Schooling with her can be a challenge as she gets easily frustrated and has ants in her pants. She loves puzzles, the outdoors, being active,  and has an endless imagination. 

This is Tinker Bell or "Tink".  She is our tiny pint sized pixie full of blooming personality.  Aside from her size we feel Tinker Bell fits her because they are both determined, hot-tempered, feisty, adventurous, mischievous, intelligent, creative, and inventive. She can be sweet as sugar and her smile is like a sprinkle of pixie dust just for you but she also has a jealous side like Tink and is not happy if someone else tries to steal away the attention of her main man (Daddy)! She loves blocks and tinkering with all her sisters' things! 

We gave life to these amazing little girls and try to fill them with a zest for life everyday. We hope to impart an interest for the love of learning and Disney in them that we have. We hope our blog will also help you ignite or rekindle your childhood dreams through our posts about the magic of Disney! 


  1. Today is the first time I've been on your blog (visiting from Wordless Wednesday). Anyway, I just had to say that I, too, am a homeschool mom that loves Disney. I was a TA for awhile as well. And, I have 3 kids (though my youngest is a prince!) Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog too. http://heidi-strawser.com

    1. Hi Heidi!! I was on your blog this morning and saw that you were also a Disney loving homeschooler! We gotta stick together! :) My blog is fairly new so I appreciate you stopping by! :)


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