Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Homeschool Room 2013

People are always curious as to what our homeschool class room looks like. Well generally, at least for us it seems, it is always a work in progress. I seem to always be finding some new way to make it better or utilize our small space in a more useful way. But here is what our school room is shaping up for this year:

The view walking into the room. 

The view from the opposite corner. 

This is our reading and morning "circle time" carpet where we do over the calendar and how many days we have been in school. 

This is our reading center. It is actually Walt's old art desk from when he was a kid. I painted it purple for the Princesses. The top lifts up for storage of books and we put the ones we are reading for the week on top for easy access. 

Here you can see the tall "teacher's cabinet" where I keep all the curriculum and supplies for the year. The small white cabinet and tower is full of all the arts and crafts things. I keep it locked or up high, not because I don't want them to be able to use it when they want, I just want to know when they are using it so I don't end up with a glitter wall. Then the small plastic shelves holds all our Play-doh tools. 

Mine and Rapunzel's desks and computer station. You can also see Rapunzel and Merida's workboxes off to the side with more books on top. We love books. :) 

This our dramatic play/ manipulatives center. I rotate toys down to the shelves for Merida and Tinker Bell to play with. The boxes up top contain unit study related busy boxes for the littles when I need more one on one time with Rapunzel. The kitchen table also doubles as a desk for Merida and Tink. 

So this is where we spend our mornings! We try to take afternoons for co-ops and outings cause who wants to be stuck inside at a desk all day?? Not these busy Princesses! Thanks for stopping by!

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